Great Swedish idyllic island, only a short sail away...  

Enjoy an extraordinary experience on Hven with colleagues, friends and family. Let this years company event take place on the tiny beautiful island.

The Swedish island is located in the middle of Øresund. Take a day or more and visit scientist Tycho Brahe museum, ride the yellow bikes, experience the islands own whisky distillery, art and amazing nature.

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  • Sailtime from Nyhavn is approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • Danish money can be used on the island but do not expect a good exchange rate.
  • Brick factories and farming has been the main industry on the island but today tourism is the most important.
  • There lives approx. 365 people on the island all year round. 
  • Hven is approx. 4,5 km x 7,5 km and rises up from the ocean with impressive coast lines called "Backafallen".
  • Hven is known for the famous Danish scientist Tycho Brahe.
  • Hven was Danish but became Swedish in 1658 where we swapped the island with Bornholm island.

Hven offers a wide range of sights...among them is:

  • Visit the modern Tycho Brahe museum in the nice church that shows everything about Tychos life and family on the island. Visit the underground observatorium and the amazing garden surrounding. Read more about the museum on their web page.
  • It is an extraordinary experience to visit the islands own whisky distillery; Spirit of Hven, and take a tour and hear about how the place originated from idea to reality. Try a whisky tasting and be impressed by the distilleries products which is whisky, gin, vodka etc. Several of them are organic and they all taste fantastic. Read more about the distillery on their web page.