Food and drinks is a necessity!  

The ar on board is open and sell drinks and small snacks.

We arrange everything from breakfast to warm lunch, please prebook when you book your trip.

We recommend our full day menu which consists of big breakfast with coffee and tea. 2 kinds of herring and a nice hot meal for lunch followed by afternoon coffee and tea and cake.

Own food and drinks can only be brought on board if you have made agreement with us.

Please contact us, we look forward to welcome you onboard!

Forslag til forudbestilt forplejning, pris pr. person

Nyd morgenmaden ombord mens vi sejler ud mod fiskepladserne kr. 60,-

  • Coffee and tea.
  • Rundstykke og skåret brød.
  • Cheese and other cold cuts.
  • Smør og marmelade.

Mulighed for tilkøb af wienerbrød til morgenmaden til kr. 15,- pr. person. Oplys ved bestilling.

Good solid food on the trip

Skipperlabskovs kr. 110,-

Served with beetroots, rye bread and butter.

Forloren skildpadde kr. 105,-

Served with sherry, boiled eggs and white bread.

Biksemad med bearnaise kr. 95,-

Served with bearnaise, rye bread, beetroots and butter.

Fuld forplejning med vores populære heldagsmenu kr. 245,-

  • Morgenmad med kaffe og te, rundstykke, skåret brød, smør, pålæg, ost, og marmelade.
  • Frokost bestående af varm skipperlabskovs, forloren skildpadde eller biksemad med div. tilbehør.
  • Sodavand og kildevand ad libitum til frokost.
  • Eftermiddagskaffe/te og kringle.

Mulighed for tilkøb af 2 slags sild med rå løg og kapers til kr. 50,- pr. person. Oplys ved bestilling.