Welcome drinks and light catering has to be pre ordered and will be ready for you when you walk on board. Contact us to hear more and order. The bar on the ship is always open!

Light pre booked catering

  • Coffee/tea to go with croissant kr. 48,-
  • Coffee/tea to go with bread roll kr. 48,-
  • Coffee/tea to go with bread roll and croissant kr. 65,-
  • Juice to go with bread roll kr. 48,-
  • Coffee/tea and cake kr. 48,-
  • Big sandwiches or rye bread rolls with tasty filling kr. 60,-
    med lækkert fyld kr. 60,-
  • Basket with a mix of crisp and peanuts as a little snack on the way. Has to be ordered for the whole group for kr. 25,- pr. person.

Pre booked welcome drinks

  • Cava, glass kr. 48,-
  • Elderflower with cava, glass kr. 55,-
  • Cava, bottle kr. 300,-
  • Alcohol free drinks, glass kr. 30,-
  • Welcome drinks can also be beer, wine etc.

The bar onboard is always open

  • Beer, bottle kr. 25,-
  • Draft beer kr. 40,-
  • Soft drinks/water kr. 20,-
  • Ships wine, glass kr. 45,-
  • Ships wine, bottle kr. 200,-
  • Coffee/tea, cup kr. 20,-
  • Coffee/tea, pot kr. 60,-
  • Candy, crisp etc. - ask at the bar