Weather in Øresund

Forecasts are...forecasts! The further away they are, the more insecurity they can cause. 

It is the captain and him alone, who decides if we sail or not. Our captains are experienced sailors and knows the area and the conditions best.

Judging the weather includes considering wind strength, wind direction and visibility. Øresund is normally a quiet place to sail, since it is guarded by both Danish and Swedish coast.

Often the wind direction menas more than the strength of the wind, but call us and have a talk to the captain before departure.

Shipping route, ships and local conditions is determining the sailing.

If Spar Shipping cancel, You will have anew trip offered. Alternatively You will get a refund for the trip.

See daily forecasts here: Danmarks Meteorologiske Instituts Alternative: forsvarets vejrudsigt choose Øresund in the left side.