Ungdomsøen (Middelgrundsfortet)

The little ferry sails from Nyhavn outside number 71 and the trip takes aprox. 30 minutes. The bar is open on board - but catering has to be booked beforehand. Look at our suggested selection here.

We always recommend altid at booke billet, da vi forbeholder os ret til at indstille sejlads, såfremt der ikke er nogen booket.

Be aware we have a minimum requirement on morning and evening ferry. sail schedule and tickets for more information.

We do not have one way price. If you need a one way ticket just book return and please write a comment you only travel one way, there is a field when you get to payment. Thanks.

OBS: Kun adgang til Ungdomsøen 20-24 juli med KUNE festivalbillet.


Buy your ferry ticket for KUNE Festival 2022 – choose your desired departures and please be at the ferry minimum 15 minutes before departure as the ferry will leave on time. 

OBS! Conditions

From Monday July 18th tickets cannot be rebooked so please double check if your departures suit you. Do you wish to book another departure after July 18th you will have to buy a new ticket (maybe you can still use your original one of the ways).