Sailing, activities and good food all comes together on Flakfortet

Why not go to Flakfortet on your yearly company event!

Experience a historic tour on the island and a delicious lunch in the restaurant. Or lunch combined with a fun and scary ghost hunt.

With cooperation and intelligence you can do the island games lasting 2 or 3 hours. The island games consist of different fun games and tasks to solve and everybody can participate.

The treasure hunt will take you all around the island. With hints you will find the posts that are placed around the island.

Nyd sejladsen ud til øen med forplejning ombord såsom kaffe/te to go med en croissant eller smurt rundstykke… eller skibets kage! Velkomstdrinks og snacks sørger vi også gerne for. Se hvad vi kan tilbyde af forudbestilt forplejning ombord.

Aktiviteter med frokost på Flakfortet

Aktiviteter med middag på Flakfortet

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