Great historic fort - always worth a visit!

Open on selected dates until grand opening August 24.

Go on a fantastic trip through the harbour of Copenhagen and see all the beautiful sights along the the way. Experience history when you arrive to the fort from 1894.

Middelgrundsfortet is the worlds largest manmade island and a unique part of the Danish history. The fort was established in the end of the 1800 century.

The Youth Island

In 2015 the scouts took over the fort with a vision to transform it into a youth island.

The Youth Island is a wild activity platform for all Denmarks youth - an island where everybody is welcome from 2019. Meet new friends, participate in events and be a part of the future solutions for society. 

Read more about Youth Island!

  • We do not sail on Mondays and in the beginning and end of season, we do not sail every day. Please contact us for info.
  • We do not use physical tickets but you are welcome to bring a copy of your email confirmation. Left over tickets are sold on the harbour.
  • We always recommend you buy tickets. We take certain reservations due to weather, changes, prices etc. If we cancel, you will be offered a new trip or get a refund.
  • Tag gerne barnevogn og klapvogn med ombord,disse placeres på skibets fordæk under sejladsen.
  • NB! Own food and drinks are not allowed on board. See what you can prebook forplejning ombord.
  • Fortet er bygget på 6 meter vand, på det sted hvor Kongedybet og Hollænderdybet mødes i nord. De to andre søforter, som skulle beskytte København mod angreb fra søsiden, var Trekroner Fort og Flakfortet.
  • Middelgrundsfortet blev nedlagt som søfort i 1962.
  • The Youth Island åbner i slutningen af august 2019.